Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Meeting 30th September 2009

- Electricity costs and hall heating have been looked into. By comparing prices and querying the bill, the charges for electricity have been reduced by almost half. New outside security lights and kitchen heating will be considered.

- 2 cracks in the roof slates were found and slates have been replaced and ridge tiles recemented.

- Firedoors have been renewed.

- Bazaar Saturday 28th November. Chris Whitton will do lunch ( soup, sandwiches, hot dogs) from 1pm.

Next meeting Wednesday 6th January 2010

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Meeting 29th July 2009

- A very successful Fete raised £3,785 which was £200 up on last year.

- Running costs are still very high and need to be reduced, particularly electricity.

- We did not get the Lottery Grant for the roof repair but are being given £1,000 by the Parish Council towards the cost.

- The Bazaar at the end of November will be better advertised to try to attract more people for lunch.

- The next meeting will be 30th September.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

AGM 15th April 2009

Committee and Officers remain as before.
Presentation by Lisa Ridley about setting up a village Youth Club. Received full support.

  • Electricity costs remain high and our account balance is lower than it should be
  • Damp on the ceiling is being investigated and means removing roof tiles to find the cause. A grant will be applied for.
  • Fundraising meal 'Game To Eat' will be on November 7th.
  • Fete : Dog Show is being organised by Anita and for the barbecue drinks a temporary licence will be applied for.
  • Stallholders' meeting May 20th 2009
  • Next meeting July 29th 2009

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Meeting 14th January 2009

- The Hall has been decorated inside and outside.
- The ceiling still has a large damp patch which will be investigated from inside as the roof appears to be sound.
- A work party on Sunday 25th Jan will clear the storeroom and transfer tables etc to the shed.
- Quotes are to be obtained for secondary glazing of the West window to reduce condensation and rot.
- The Valentine's supper profits will be shared with the Church.
- The Fete on June 20th will start at 1pm with the barbecue.
The Dog Show will begin at 2pm, organised by Anita Martin.
- The next meeting will be the AGM on 15th April.